All the reasons are good to have a sparkling smile

There are countless reasons to have a bright smile, whether it's for a special event like your wedding or just to give yourself a boost of self-confidence. Whatever your reasons, you can achieve the smile of your dreams with the help of Dr. Al Eid. We are pleased to offer different whitening solutions including home whitening kits to eliminate stains on all your teeth or to selectively whiten a particular tooth.

A simple and effective solution

Choosing from the variety of products and procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth can become a little complicated or overwhelming. There are indeed several techniques to whiten teeth: home bleaching, whitening toothpaste treatments at the dentist etc....

If you like the idea of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home and don't like the options available in store, we may have the solution for you. We offer a home bleaching kit that will allow you to obtain a sparkling smile, in complete safety, without the risks of over-the-counter products.

What is the home bleaching procedure?

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Dr. Al Eid will start by taking an impression of your teeth to create customized bleaching trays that will fit securely around your teeth to prevent any leaking from the whitening solution. It is an ideal way to whiten your teeth since once the tray is created, t it can follow you anywhere and be used at any time. Home whitening is by far the most comfortable way to whiten your teeth.

Control the degree and frequency of the whitening process

The trays should be worn with the bleaching solution for a few hours each evening for a week or more. Dr. Al Eid will teach you the correct filling of the tray and the optimal duration to achieve the results you want. Once your teeth have reached the degree of white you are looking for, you can simply stop using the trays and store them for later use. From this moment on, only an occasional treatment should be necessary to maintain the brightness of your new smile.

Teeth whitening with Dr. Al Eid's team is a safe, fast and inexpensive option. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to learn more about our dental whitening solutions. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.


Your oral health is as important as your physical health. Don't delay, book your appointment today!