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Implantologie dentaire Montréal

There are several circumstances (an accident, a mouth injury or dental disease) that can lead to teeth loss. The consequence for many people is an incomplete smile that eventually hurts their self-esteem and becomes a potential source of functional problems. Dental implants are a first choice solution to replace missing teeth and allow patients to lead an active, healthy life.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is the root of an artificial tooth, which will serve as an anchor for a replacement tooth. In the form of a screw, it is surgically placed in the jawbone to secure a replacement tooth or bridge. Stable and permanent, implants do not rely on neighboring teeth and represent an ideal replacement option when a person is missing one or more teeth.

Implants can be made from several types of materials that are compatible with body tissues. When surgically anchored in the jaw, the implants gradually fuse with the living bone. It's only after your mouth healed completely, usually within three to six months after the procedure, that Dr. Al Eid will complete your restoration.

Advantages of dental implants

They offer a natural look.

Whether it is a front tooth or a molar, with an implant, your teeth will keep their natural look.

They have strong and robust titanium screws.

You don't have to worry about a loose tooth because dental implants are not designed to be mobile.

They represent a long-term solution.

Once the implant is in place, you will no longer need to come back to adjust them. Your daily brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing ritual is enough to ensure a long life to your implants.

They complete your smile

They do not cause any discomfort or abnormal changes in chewing, eating, talking or even smiling. They are similar to your natural teeth and once the implant is in place, you can completely forget about it.

They leave other teeth intact

The surrounding teeth are not prone to damage by the implant. Unlike partial dentures or fixed bridges, dental implants do not depend on the surrounding teeth

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