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Greffe de Gencive‎ clinique dentaire bellerive What is a gum recession?

Gingival recession is diagnosed when the roots of your teeth usually covered by gum become progressively exposed. Teeth then become sensitive to touch, hot and cold food or drinks and are prone to cavities and premature wear. Gingival recession is therefore a condition that must be addressed as soon as diagnosed.

If you have a minor recession, no treatment other than changing home care practices will usually be necessary. However, if your recession is more advanced it will likely require a more inclusive treatment that involves eliminating the underlying causes and a gum graft to correct the recession and cover the exposed root.

Benefits associated with gum grafting:


When the root of a tooth is suddenly exposed, eating or drinking hot or cold foods can cause sensitivity and pain. A gum graft will permanently protect the exposed root and help reduce secondary sensitivity.


Gingival recession is a condition that seems to lengthen teeth and make a smile appear with "full teeth". A gum transplant can correct the aesthetic part of the recession and give you a brand new smile.

Gum health

Periodontal disease can progress and destroy gum tissue very quickly. If left untreated, a large amount of tissue can be lost in a short period of time. Gum grafting helps to stop the loss of tissue and bone and protects exposed roots from future cavities.

How does Dr. Al Eid proceed for a gum transplant?

If it is decided that a gum graft is the best treatment for you, Dr. Al Eid will first carefully clean your teeth to eliminate tartar and bacteria that may are present around your teeth. Thereafter, Dr. Al Eid will create a small pocket on the recipient site to accommodate the transplant. A double-layer incision is then made and the connective tissue graft inserted into the small space. Small sutures are then applied to stabilize the graft and prevent movement at the recipient site.

The gums should be healed completely about six weeks after the procedure. In total, two visits to the Bellerive Clinic will be required for your transplant; one for the procedure and the other to remove the stitches and check on your newly grafted gums.

If you would like more information about gum transplantation, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Al Eid and his team at the following number: 514-355-7635


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