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Dr. Al Eid, may determine that you need a dental extraction if you suffer from conditions like advanced periodontal disease, a poorly positioned tooth or a broken tooth that would not lend itself to repair.

It is with the help of an X-ray that Dr. Al Eid will be able to make his diagnosis. Since the absence of a single tooth can often lead to complications that can have major consequences on your dental health, Dr. Al Eid will discuss with you the alternatives to extraction as well as the different options available to replace your extracted tooth.

L'extraction dentaire avec la clinique dentaire bellerive

A few things to know

In preparation for the extraction, Dr. Al Eid will numb your tooth, the jaw bone, and the gums around it with a local anesthetic. This will allow you to feel only pressure and no pain since the anesthetic will have numbed the nerves that handle the transfer of pain and spared those that transmit touch.

After the extraction, you may experience mild pain and localized swelling. Don’t be afraid to use a towel with ice or frozen peas applied to the affected area to control the swelling (around 20 minutes every hour). Try to keep your head as high as possible and only eat soft foods and drink at room temperature for the first day. If you follow all these tips and take the pain medications prescribed by Dr. Al Eid, the inflammation should usually disappear after 48 hours.

Call the Bellerive Clinic if you think the medication does not seem to be working or you have questions about it. In addition, if antibiotics are prescribed, continue to take them for the time indicated even if the signs and symptoms of the infection have disappeared.

It is important to return to your normal dental routine after 24 hours. This should include brushing and flossing at least once a day. Good dental hygiene speeds healing and help to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

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